Reasons for Failure of My SEO campaign

Have you ever tried doing SEO by you and failed in getting the expected results. May be you hire someone but they could live up to their promises. It is really frustrating when you don’t get results after investing your money and time. Well, the reasons could be many for the failure of your SEO campaigns, but the fact that can change the things and get back in the game again.

Do not give up when it comes to SEO as this is the best way to help your website succeed in online business world.

Restore your failed SEO campaign

You can hire a new SEO service or SEO Insight marketing company. Not all companies that provide SEO services are same. If you doing SEO yourself, the job are time consuming and you might fall in short of time to work on SEO, while handling your business. Hiring a company, who provides customised plan that suits each business is always better than those who offer one size package to fit needs of all sizes of business. This matters a lot as invest in a SEO can help you get better returns for your investments.

Listed below are some areas, which if ignored can lead to frustration for you?

Web design

The current web design that you are using can be a hurdle for your success. This is true from a both SEO perspective and conversion standpoint. If you are using Flash, it can hinder your SEO. Your design might block potential customers for many reasons like load time, fonts, page size etc., slight twist can even make a lot of difference in the online world.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the backbone of SEO and while focussing on keywords, you need to concentrate on finding the right keywords. This impacts from search point of view as the phrases used should be similar to what your target customers use while searching for information on the net. Some phrases are quite dominated and ranking them becomes waste of resources and time. Finding the right keywords is important to succeed.

SEO- On page

Every individual page on your website needs SEO. On other hand optimising every page for in similar fashion is not enough. You need to create a strategy having various features that lets search engines understand what each contains in order to rank it accurately.

SEO- off page

Things happening off the site can also impact your site. Strategy for off page SEO is the important factor that contributes to your success.

Paid advertising campaigns like PPC and others are not always needed and some website owners try to avoid them as it costs money, but when done in a right way, can result in a profitable campaign. Above that, PPC campaign can help you influence the result pages of search engines. By having a listing or paid ad on the top of result pages of search engines, can increase your traffic rate tremendously. Some other methods related to pay advertising can also help you with traffic acquisition and branding. A professional SEO company will always look for more options that can increase the traffic to your website.


In case you are using the concept of blogging, then you are certainly missing a lot of good opportunities to improve SEO, build authority and credibility in your niche. Blogs give you the opportunity to speak about your expertise and they connect you with the customers leading to conversions where new visitors turn into new customers.

If you have not included blogging in your SEO strategy, then you should do it now. If at all you have done blogging which didn’t work, then you need expert’s advice to optimise your blog.

Video marketing

Videos can create a big revolution on the net. They can be considered as a part of both on and off page SEO. It helps to overcome objections of buyer and demonstrate the professionalism. Videos help in connecting with more people. Video marketing can be added to your online marketing campaign to get better results.

Social Media

It is quite effective medium for marketing. It not only helps SEO but aids relationship building and building reputation online. A good SEO service would certainly consider including social media in your SEO campaign.

Reputation management/Branding

SEO is very important, but these days many people are focusing on branding and reputation too. If the SEO done is better, but your sales are not increasing, then reputation management can be reason for that. Optimising the website for the popular search engines is very important but if you optimise your reputation as well, it will definitely add value to your SEO.

Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis is very transparent as it lets you now what are the things that working in your SEO strategy and what is not working. This information is crucial. This is a factor that you need to analyse.