Tips for Affordable Website promotion through Article writing (SEO)

If you have not tried SEO article writing magic for promoting your website, then you have missed the best and affordable website promotion technique that is pretty easy to execute and with one time investment you can get positive SEO results for long term.

Isn’t this amazing? Of course you would like to know how this can happen. Well, we will let you know about the tips that can help you promote your website in a cost-effective way.

For a business to prosper you need high quality and original SEO based articles keeping in mind the target market suitable for your business. Then you can post the articles in large quantities say in a pack of 100 to the top directories, niche blogs and forums that accept articles for your niche. This will help you get more targeted traffic to your website.

The results you get through SEO marketing campaign or content writing through search engines last longer than the results you get through paid advertising or costly PPC campaign.

However, if you do not possess writing skills, do not have time to spare or not aware of writing content for SEO, you can look for a professional and creative writer to handle the website promotion job for a long time. The reason for creating SEO content regularly is that the days when one-page websites used to do well is over. Now Google prefers quality content rather than applying keyword stuffing technique, now it accepts on quality websites having a good content.

But that doesn’t means that only having quality content is all you need. You need to use website promotion methods wisely that are cheap, effective and ethical for example linking to websites having high PR on popular search engines, article writing with SEO in mind, using relevant keywords in SEO campaign carried out through article marketing with your content placed appropriately on your site, you can gain success in affordable website SEO promotions in about 6 months or less. With more and more people searching the net for information and services, it is wise to make optimum use of traffic search engines, which can help you get massive targeted traffic at no cost.

Also, the results you get through SEO marketing campaign or content writing through search engines last longer than the results you get through paid advertising or costly PPC campaign.

So, in order to grow your business, apply the following tips to achieve affordable and long lasting website promotion using SEO article writing.

1.With posting your content on top PR websites and SEO content writing you can get free traffic

When you write quality articles and submit say 100-200 original articles written using catchy keywords that best describe your product or services, you will get advantage from 200 to 400 one way, high quality back-links(permanent) back links that you have the permission to include in your articles. Therefore these articles will work as your online and permanent sales agents, driving right traffic to your business website for many more years. Most popular article directories don’t have any fee for submitting your articles. This way the only investment is when you pay for SEO content writing service for one time – unless you are confident to write quality articles and submit self written articles to save the investment.

2.Get indexed as soon as you can on Google. You can also get indexed with new sites by submitting optimized content across various marketing channels.

When you submit keyword rich, professionally written website content on a regular basis and incorporate same phrases and key terms in marketing campaign and articles as well, various search engines including Google easily find out website crawl your website regularly for the updates on fresh content.

3.Speed up with website promotion results with quality and original SEO articles.

When you start your research for the targeted market, learn about catchy keywords and prospects good for your business. You can then customize high quality articles that are appropriate from reader point of view. Also with high quality and unique content included in the articles that you post and publish in top article directories, can grab the attention of other businesses online who are looking for good content on a regular basis for their email list, newsletter and blogs.

4.Target high volume articles (SEO) for writing and submitting for building reputation fast.

When you post 200-500 articles in your name in the market niche you target, you get some authority to discuss regarding your online business in comparison to other business who has published just 5-10 articles in same category. When a plenty of articles containing quality information based on the targeted keyword are available it links back to your business website and builds trust among readers regarding your expertise in that particular field.

5.Order SEO articles in bulk to get discounts on writing rates

Most writing experts offer special discounts for bulk writing orders. Once you have the list of keywords with you, you can order bulk writing services at cheaper rates.