What should be the cost of an SEO campaign?

The biggest mystery of any web development in SEO and the bigger than this we can say is the cost behind SEO. It is quite common among business owners who own site that SEO is very important for their website for gaining traffic that you target for your website using targeted key phrases and keywords.

Now the question arises how much does the SEO cost?

The cost related to SEO varies depending on the stature and size of particular company you own. SEO cost also depends on the website’s nature that needs to be optimised and the key phrases you wish to rank for.

There are a lot of techniques implemented in SEO, out of which some are good and some are bad. Unfortunately, not every SEO company practices the ethical methods and fool their clients as their clients lack the knowledge of SEO. Using the companies that use wrong SEO techniques can have serious effects on the rankings of your website. Even Google and other search engines can ban your website for practicing wrong techniques. This way your websites gets blacklisted.

So what should be the cost of SEO?

There is no accurate answer for this question because we need to consider variables. If you still want to find out the cost of SEO for you, you can find out how much it would cost you to improve rankings and how much you are interested in spending to get to top positions in search engines.

The SEO cost also differ depending on what the optimisers of search engines call as authority. Every website has its authority level and search engines use this factor to rank websites. The authority level of your website is based on different variables which are out of your control and also not in control of the optimisers. It’s the job of your optimisers to give increased authority to your website in eyes of various search engines, which is why it’s difficult to decide a cost to it.

Every website is quite different same like the finger prints of human beings. Unfortunately you cannot get a stable SEO procedure that can boost your rankings magically. Each campaign for SEO should be designed to meet the needs of websites like the target market, the content and the user.

Points to consider while preparing SEO budget

Below are some factors that you should consider when preparing for a SEO budget. If your business website has the below listed elements, you can certainly improve the ranking of your website faster.

Website’s Age

The age of your website can influence the ranking of your website. Websites that are around the internet for many years are recognized by various search engines and Google to have increased authority. Older websites get more back links over the period of time and that contributes to authority.

Number of pages on the website

Websites having more pages get higher ranking as compared to smaller sites. The more number of pages a website have means more content exist on the website. The more content is there on a specific subject will gain more authority. The search engines read the entire content and scan all the pages for links and keywords. The links present on all pages will link to some other content on the website and this is a big mark in Google’s consideration.

What Keywords you wish to rank for?

This is a vital factor that many people ignore. When you decide the SEO cost you need to determine how competitive is the keyword word that you are using? If the keyword is very competitive it becomes difficult to rank and for if it is difficult to rank the keyword, then the cost of SEO campaign increases.

How fast you want the results?

If you are looking for quick results from SEO, SEO is not the right choice for quicker results. You need PPC a quicker online marketing campaign. If you need fast results means you need to carry out in depth research and create content based on your research. That is why it is recommended to go for long term SEO rather than going in for quick fix.

So what we understood is you can never fix a price for SEO because of its variables. We have SEOn many other factors also contribute to the cost of SEO, so it is better to determine, what you aiming for and what your business needs. Keeping all these factors in mind you can get a fair idea about what you need from SEO and how much it would cost you.

Keywords also play an important role in ranking, so look at the keyword and its competition to get an idea about SEO cost. Basically it varies with business needs and business size.